About Jesse's Girl

Hi and Hello! 👋🏻 I’m Cheyene Lane, also known as Jesse's Girl. I'm the owner of JGB and I love Jesus, cooking, motherhood, and fashion. I’m a natural entrepreneur and am super proud of my “little boutique” that began as just a dream many years ago. I have multiple Counseling-related degrees and worked in the Counseling field for 12 years, with other jobs sprinkled here and there throughout that time. Thanks to my type A personality and the support of my hottie husband (Jesse-- yes, that's right. That's where the name of the boutique came from!), my dream is now a reality. I started the boutique in the tiny attic of our old fixer-upper house with just one item of inventory in January of 2018. That July, I opened a storefront in downtown Greenville, and in October of 2018, the salon portion was launched! We were a boutique/salon combo for a long time, rocking and rolling, until the end of March 2020 when I took the opportunity to be home-based again as just a boutique while I looked for a better building to buy and call my work home. We then purchased a boutique barn that is a mini version of our home and had it completely renovated from a shell. August 1, 2020, we had our grand opening event as a storefront again. Yay! We are now conveniently located right on our home property and are open to the public, as well as serve a huge online market. Jesse’s Girl is a one-stop shop and I pride myself in making you feel good in my space. Shop with me, you won’t regret it! 😘

xoxo, Chey (Jesse’s Girl)